Hey it's Abby! 

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer located in Alabama. I am a lover of Jesus, Flowers, Disney and Glowing Light. I have been blessed with a super cute doggo named Honey who I get to be a dog mama to. I also am recently engaged to my wonderful fiancé Brandon, and I now get to see what it is like for all my brides on the other side of aisle (get it ;) . 

I am passionate about serving my couples, and creating a joy filled experience from start to finish. I will be there to laugh and dance with you and be your rock and hype girl when you feel like crying because lets be real getting married is kind of a big deal. I cannot wait to become besties with you! 

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Honey Bunny Knedler 

I got Honey when I was sixteen when my mama picked her out from the shelter for me, and she has only grown into a more sassy little floof! Honey is an 9 year old pomeranian and she is ball full of personality. We call her sheriff Honey because she loves to be the boss. Even though all 10 pounds of her acts very tough, she is a sucker for cuddling and everyone giving her all the pets and attention. If there were a doggy Queen of England she would be it. She is endlessly spoiled, but the sweetest dog I know, and my favorite fur baby. 



Favorite Things

My Love Story 

Me and Brandon met while we were both working at Chick-Fil-A (where all great love stories begin). He saw me at a work party and thought I was cute, and BOOM we have been dating for almost five years.
We just got engaged April 1, 2023. We are now planning our dream wedding day, and I finally get to see how all my brides feel. So, be sure to follow along as I give all my tips and tricks for wedding planning, and all the fun things we have planned for our wedding day.  
Brandon is my absolute rock. He is extremely outgoing, social, and one of the most bubbly people I know.   


The Abby Bell Client

Values Love, Joy,
Light and Timeless Imagery 

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If an artistically intentional experience filled with joy and love, that values timeless imagery is your dream- and you are drawn to my light and airy style- then lets talk some more! I would love to serve you in any season of life and capture images that you will love endlessly.